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The story behind the story

The Elements of Chaos is where everything started. It is not necessarily the first story I've ever imagend, but certainly the first one I've started to write down seriously, and that's already over 10 years ago. Yes, a long time ago and I am still not near the end, even if the story actually already stands from beginning to the end. I also worked intensively with a lector with the first book of the story. This has never paid off financially, but I have learned a lot.

The story has strong influences from Tolkin's books. Over the years, I have been trying to conceal these influences. But it remains to bea high-fantasy epos in a medieval world and there are also some well-known creatures around. This does not mean that there is no influenz from me in the story. I think there are enough of them. So posseses the world an unique physik, wich not only explains things like magic, but the origin of the different volks themselves.

Something special about all my stories are the many main characters and this is no differenc in this story. The Elements of Chaos has four main characters and each subsequent chapter is told from the point of view of another character (often also a side character). This is probably a matter of taste, since I personally not a friend of stories in which everything revolves around one person.

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