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Post by Königsdrache on Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:29 pm

The story behind the story:

The darkest demon is for me a really special project and is very different from my other works. With the exception of a few milestones in the story, I was writing this story very spontaneous, whatever came up in my mind. In other words, I often did not know what was happening next. So I decided relatively spontaneously to loosen up the very gloomy story with take my anti-heroes (and there are only anti-heroes) their seriousness away. The result is a rapid, short-winded story with the appearence of one strange figure after another. Is hard to say, if people like this kind of stories. But I've never had so much fun writing and working on this project. Probably for this reason I decided to work on a translation into English and a self-made 3D animation for this story.

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